Fortitude: A Quest through Fear and Doubt, by Gayle R. Lee

Fortitude: A Quest through Fear and Doubt, by Gayle R. Lee 1

The Four-Year Spiritual Journey

A woman’s memoir for anyone who plans on doing a 180 with their life”

— Gayle R. Lee

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Spanning four years when the author walked away from her stressful long-term job and embarked on a journey searching for security and her destiny, Gayle R. Lee’s book Fortitude: A Quest Through Fear and Doubt is a spiritual memoir like no other. It encapsulates breaking unproductive behavior patterns and getting out of someone’s comfort zones. With additional personal journal notes added with the text, Gayle has written an empowering book that shows a woman’s inner struggles and triumphs as she attempts to figure out the keys to success and happiness.

Gayle received her bachelor of arts degree in 2013 in her home state of Michigan, where she resides to this day. While enjoying her daily walks through the park with her dog and driving a fork truck full time, she has a blog titled “Grief with a Twist” that tackles grief, healing, spiritual growth, and the afterlife in her website GayleRLee.com.

An easy and quick read, Fortitude features Gayle’s journal notes as she works them smoothly into the different chapters and pages, bringing her personal experiences to life. With this spiritual memoir, Gayle has written a book that any person going through an emotional struggle or uncertainty in life will find inspiration for.

“Fortitude was an easy and quick read. I loved a line in the introduction about the desire for success. Everyone has the desire for success. If we remove the obstacles that keep us from our success, we have a clear path to achieve it. However, fear can erupt, leading to doubt and insecurity…Throughout the book, Gayle’s journal notes are worked smoothly into the different chapters and pages, really bringing the personal experiences to life, the expressions and dreams are very touching and emotional.” — Writers and Authors Book Review, Amazon.

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Fortitude: A Quest through Fear and Doubt, by Gayle R. Lee 2