Five New Cat’s Eye Dice Released

Purple Cat's Eye Dice Set

Cat’s Eye Series

Veteran dice makers Easy Roller Dice Company launches five new sets of Cat’s Eye stone dice to the public.

JOHNSTOWN, OHIO, USA, December 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the last couple of months, Easy Roller Dice Company has set out to create a new series of cat’s eye dice. These dice feature an etched dragon-style font. This is the same fan-favorite style font used on their Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons series.

The new colors in this series are rose, pink, mint, purple, and three-tone rainbow. The Rose Cat’s Eye set features a dark pink look with a golden dragon font. The Pink Cat’s Eye set is a lighter shade of pink than the rose set and features the same dragon font in silver. The Mint Cat’s Eye set is a light greenish-blue with a silver dragon font. The Purple Cat’s Eye set looks almost blue from certain angles but is a medium purple color with silver dragon numbering. Finally, the 3 Tone Rainbow set is a layered dice with green, blue, red, and pink shades and a golden dragon font.

Early in 2021, Easy Roller Dice Company launched their Cat’s Eye Series with a Green Cat’s Eye and a Blue Cat’s Eye dice set. This series of dice comes complete in a stylish Easy Roller Dice branded carrying case. The new additions to the series match the existing styles.

“We plan to release several new styles in the near future, and we maybe have some unique surprises in store for our audience.” Said Michael B., co-founder of the company. These sets currently sell for $69.95-$79.95 and have a small shipping fee associated with them. The Three Tone Cat’s Eye set carries the $79.95 price point, while the rest are at the $69.95 price point. It’s unclear if the new additions Michael mentioned will carry the $69.95 price point, the $79.95 price point, or a different price entirely. The company has not yet mentioned if they’ll be making the individual twenty-sided die on this series available on their own yet or if they will only be available in complete set form. It’s also worth noting that this series seems to always launch in limited stock, as several reviewers point out that they had to wait a few months for more stock to be available from the company. To find out more about these dice sets or purchases, visit the resources below or their main website.

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