Filtrol Introduces Next-Generation Solution for Microplastics and Microfiber Pollution

Filtrol Introduces Next-Generation Solution for Microplastics and Microfiber Pollution 1

The world’s first washing machine filter capable of capturing microscopic fibers in your home is getting even better.

MILACA, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Filtrol, a company of Wexco Environmental, today officially announced the next generation Filtrol that will continue the fight to keep microfibers and microplastics from polluting our environment.

Synthetic materials like polyester, acrylic, and nylon represent about 60% of the clothing material worldwide. Unfortunately, when these materials are manufactured, washed, and worn, they shed tiny plastic fibers that end up in the environment and, ultimately, our bodies. Research by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) estimates that we ingest a credit card’s worth of microplastic every week through eating, breathing, and drinking.

“The exact impact and ramifications of microfibers and microplastics on the environment are not yet fully known,” explained Wexco founder and President Brian Koski. “The research is at the beginning stages. But one thing is clear: we are ingesting it, and it has the potential of being toxic to humans and wildlife. We’ve got to do more to stop the microplastic problem and give consumers an easy option to make a difference from their own homes.”

For over 15 years, the Filtrol has been addressing the microfiber pollution problem in thousands of homes, businesses, and residential properties around the world. Their reusable washing machine filter currently stops up to 89% of microfibers in laundry from ending up in wastewater. It stops toxins from entering septic and sewage systems, water treatment plants, and our ecosystem.

The new Filtrol prototype features and benefits include:

• Sleeker and easier-to-access unit
• Less messy and less time-consuming maintenance
• A new type of filter media that improves the catch rate of lint from your washing machine
• Two self-cleaning scrubbers inside the unit that keep the filter media clean
• A new catch cup with a secondary filter that improves the catch rate of the device and prevents the outside filter material from getting plugged, resulting in easier, and less frequent, maintenance.

Wexco Environmental was founded in 2011 by Brian Koski to support wastewater treatment products for households or onsite septic systems. The Filtrol washing machine filter works for both consumers and commercial facilities, enabling everyone an opportunity to be a part of the solution and work together for a better — and plastic-free — future. For more information, go to Filtrol.net

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Filtrol Introduces Next-Generation Solution for Microplastics and Microfiber Pollution 2