Economic Growth Not Yet Nipped by Inflation as PMI Reports from the ISM Continue Well Above the 50 Benchmark

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The WAM Podcast

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Additional Insights Provided by Chris Wallace of Innerview, Buna George from the Greater Yuma Port Authority, and Shannon Karels and Kathy Miller of OPSisters.

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Manufacturing Broadcasting Corporation has posted several new podcasts with guests Tim Fiore, Anthony Nieves, and Nancy LeMaster from the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) who discuss the big picture and impactful details within the Purchasing Manager’s Index reports on the JacketMediaCo.com website in the Manufacturing Talk Radio programs. In 20 minutes, hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady discuss the key metrics that are rolled up to the PMI number each month, where the devil is in the details. While a high PMI number for the Manufacturing (57.6) and Services (59.9) reports is good, a high number for the Hospital report (64.1) isn’t as encouraging since Covid still puts adverse demand pressure on hospital ICU’s, and general patient bed availability and treatment. The Hospital industry has a negative employment shockwave moving through it as more people leave the sector from emotional and psychological burnout with little or no desire to return. While employment in January of 467,000 defied forecasts of a much lower number due to Covid, hospitals across the country lost employees. And although the Associated Press reported that the U.S. was making more visas available to bring healthcare workers to the U.S., the global nature of the pandemic may keep medical staff in their home countries.

On a brighter note, Chris Wallace from Innerview joins Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to discuss the message customers are receiving from frontline workers, and whether it is the same as the message the company wants to be conveyed. The disparity and corrective action may surprise listeners in the upbeat discussion.

On Hazard Girls, Emily Soloby interviews Buna George from The Greater Yuma Port Authority, the lead agency for developing gateways for global trade and facilitating multi-modal transportation and trade opportunities with the new San Luis II border crossing. Buna’s personal journey in her rising career will help listeners recognize the challenges they have in common.

Shannon Karels and Kathy Miller from OPSisters join Lydia Di Liello to talk about relationships, realities, and results in this insightful interview, as they relate their experiences in business and their lives to help other women working on their careers in manufacturing and other industries.

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About Hazard Girls: Host Emily Soloby, Founder and CEO of Juno Jones Safety Shoes, interviews women working in non-traditional fields about their career paths, covering topics such as balancing personal and work lives, issues they have encountered and how they have dealt with them, their biggest challenges, their biggest triumphs, advice for other women, and many other topics. https://jacketmediaco.com/podcasts/hazard-girls/

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Economic Growth Not Yet Nipped by Inflation as PMI Reports from the ISM Continue Well Above the 50 Benchmark 1