DYSBX (Dip Your Snack Box) Fruitful Containers Our Recyclable And Biodegradable Food Safe Packaging

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DYSBX, Biodegradable, recyclable

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DYSBX (Dip Your Snack Box) is an innovative advertising solution that improves customer experience with carry out food at restaurants, food trucks, and events

CARSON CITY, NV, 89706, September 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — DYSBX partners with our advertisers to make promotions easy and effective while stopping the epidemic of fast-food collateral damage.

DYSBX is geared to have three green genres for the manufacturing of our products right here in the US; our containers are recyclable and made from various food grade safe cardboard packaging materials.

Advertisers can also purchase our biodegradable boxes as well for such venues that require a more environmental approach. For our “fruitful containers” we are working with our manufacturers to provide boxes with (fruit tree seeds) mixed into the biodegradable material. Customers or waste management services can then plant or bury our containers that will dissolve allowing the seeds inside to be fertilized and can develop into fruit bearing trees!

Along with strategic distribution we have partnered with Marketing Empire Group who manages our social media content and contests where our client’s customers are directly marketed to. Customers of our distribution areas/businesses can win multiple prize offerings by submitting creative photos and videos of themselves using our boxes to our Instagram and Facebook platforms to further engage their connections in what DYSBX provides to the community and more importantly what our advertisers products and services are.

With DYSBX, we help you make creative ads that work, help you define your market, and help discover
target your audience.

For more information contact https://www.dysbx.com

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DYSBX (Dip Your Snack Box) Fruitful Containers Our Recyclable And Biodegradable Food Safe Packaging 1