Durham and Peel Public School Trustee Candidates Co-host Zoom helping to launch “Zero Barriers – GenZ listening tour”

Durham & Peel School Trustee Candidates Co-host Zoom call to launch “Zero Barriers – GenZ listening tour” – what do students need from the school system?

PEEL, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Future Is Broken teamed with Let’s Get Together to host the first of five zoom town halls with the goal to build awareness and explore with different stakeholder groups on what is working and what needs Re-imagining with the public school systems today.

The first town hall aptly named the “Gen Z Listening Tour” invited 20 students from across the Greater Toronto Area and two school trustee candidates, John Ingold (Public School Board – Durham) and Paul Skippens (Public School Board – Peel Ward 1 and 7) on an exploratory listening tour to explore topics like bullying, technology access, and school community.

Alison Canning and Abhishek Taneja from Let’s Get Together facilitated the discussion.

Key quotes from the town hall:

In the town hall poll, more than 50% of the students noted they experienced physical or cyberbullying. As a common theme, students voiced concerns that teachers and school administrators do not care enough and the current punishment system is ineffective in changing bullying behaviour. A student said, “I had a friend who spoke up about it and went to the teacher. The teacher didn’t do much, she just spoke to the bully and all that happened was the bully came back for her, and it’s still going on.” At the end of the segment, Paul chimed in, “I don’t think most adults understand that they are more protected in their workspace than their kids are.”

Technology Access
While many students felt that access to technology hardware and software in school is adequate. One student worried about accessibility, “It’s looking at how we can refurbish technology and make it accessible to everyone” while another feared that teachers are not trained sufficiently, “I think if every teacher knew how to use technology better it would be more effective in classes.” Paul offered a darker perspective, “ From my point of view more middle school and elementary school students do not even have their own individual devices. Teachers are not trained or enabled with the latest learning technology. The school system is in the dark ages in regards to technology and adoption to how the rest of society is dealing with technology. China teaches their children AI starting at age 7. It’s not even in our curriculum. It’s shocking that Ontario Public Schools are 10 or 15 years behind our global competitors.”

School Community
Most students noted in the town hall poll that they did not feel a sense of community in schools though many mentioned various clubs that build on personal and cultural inclusiveness. When it comes to feedback, many students voiced their concerns over not being heard: “That’s the one thing schools don’t really do, they don’t take feedback for anything” while another offered, “I don’t know if the student(s) feel comfortable if they bring up a concern that it will actually be addressed appropriately.”

The Zoom town halls continue with
October 11, 2022 – Public school – alternative models
October 13, 2022 – Diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools and additional community services
October 18, 2022 – Digital education opportunities for children and youth
October 20, 2022 – Digital security for children and youth
GenZ youths are encouraged to join future Zoom calls and share their opinions and as well to join our Discord to discuss live their thoughts and perspectives. Please use the contact information below.

About Future Is Broken:
Future Is Broken is a jointly sponsored series of educational Zooms by the Paul Skippen Trustee campaign and the John Ingold Trustee campaign. People have varying opinions on whether or not they think the Public School system is working today – but almost everyone agrees that we are not on the right path for what our children and youth need for the future. The Future Is Broken. This series is exploring the different problems various stakeholders see and challenges everyone to help #reimagine something that works for all.

Future Is Broken contact:
Paul Skippen
Peel Public School Trustee Candidate Wards 1&7

John Ingold
Durham Public School Trustee Candidate

The Future Is Broken (thefutureisbrokenrebuildit.org) website and co-hosted Zoom series of discussions is jointly sponsored by the John Ingold and Paul Skippen Trustee campaigns.

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Let’s Get Together is a non profit organization that aims to make learning equitable and education accessible. We create student-led initiatives that inspire youth connections and mentorship opportunities while helping parents understand the challenges youth face today so they can learn how best to support their child in building their own bright future. We vision a world where every youth has equal opportunity to pursue higher education with no barriers.

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Durham and Peel Public School Trustee Candidates Co-host Zoom helping to launch “Zero Barriers - GenZ listening tour” 3