Dream Glass Launches World’s Lightest Gaming AR Glass with Wi-Fi 6

Dream Glass Launches World’s Lightest Gaming AR Glass with Wi-Fi 6 5

Dream Glass Flow

Dream Glass just announced their revolutionary AR glasses, Dream Glass Flow, which is compatible with remote play, cloud gaming, and all handhelds.

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Augmented Reality (AR) innovator Dream Glass just announced the launch of their revolutionary AR glasses for gaming, Dream Glass Flow, which is compatible with remote play, cloud gaming platforms, and all handhelds. Featuring a 120” AR Screen & speedy Wi-Fi 6 connection, Dream Glass Flow works seamlessly under various conditions and provides the perfect solution for gaming anywhere.

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Dream Glass Flow is the pioneer of AR glasses equipped with Wi-Fi 6 technology. It makes efficient use of network bandwidth and eliminates latency for the smoothest gaming experience. Weighing just 2 oz, Dream Glass Flow provides the ultimate comfortable and portable gaming experience anywhere.

“Founded in 2016, We have spent years developing leading Augmented Reality products that change the way people interact with the digital world. We have shipped over 15 thousand AR headsets worldwide and Dream Glass Flow is the gem generated from our users’ feedback. Its goal is to create the ultimate portable gaming experience. First, we supersized the visuals to a 120” AR screen to set you free from the limited view of consoles and handhelds so that games can be enjoyed in an immersive way. Next, we used Wi-Fi 6 for low-latency network connection which gamers care about the most. Finally, we made Flow ultra-lightweight with a sunglass design, allow users to wear them in public on a daily basis. Flow is powerful, stylish, and futuristic. it is your secret gaming room.” – Kevin Zhong, CEO, Dream Glass

Dream Glass Flow supports remote console gaming for PlayStation and Xbox. It allows gamers to leave the console at home and play their favorite games via Wi-Fi 6 or 5G hotspot connection to their home console while on the go. For handheld lovers, it projects a 120” virtual screen delivering the ultimate immersive gaming experience, with your privacy protected! Dream Glass Flow also supports cloud gaming across various platforms including GeForce Now, Parsec, Shadow, and more. For handheld lovers, it upgrades handhelds’ small visual into a massive 120” AR screen.

As a lightweight gaming solution, Flow lets users play games or watch streaming content in any comfortable position they like for long sessions. Last but not the least, Dream Glass Flow is myopia-friendly, and people can easily adjust the Glasses to their preferred myopia level.

Dream Glass Flow is your secret gaming room. Put it on, and you will dive into an unparalleled immersive gaming experience anywhere you go. With ultimate comfort and stylish looking, Dream Glass Flow would be the best commute and travel companion for every gamer. This exciting new product is launching now with a special super early bird offer. To learn more, please visit here:

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Dream Glass was founded in Silicon Valley in 2016 by a group of AR enthusiasts who had over 20 years of optics and computer vision experience. Believing in the value of “Tech for People”, Dream Glass strives to deliver the most cutting-edge yet affordable Augmented Reality technology to everyone. Dream Glass has shipped over 15 thousand AR headsets worldwide and was the world champion of the Singapore Airline App Challenge innovative competition in 2019. Dream Glass was ranked top 5 innovative AR companies in the world by Next Reality.

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Dream Glass Launches World’s Lightest Gaming AR Glass with Wi-Fi 6 6