Dr Sumita Sofat India’s trusted fertility doctor among the infertile patients

Dr Sumita Sofat - Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Punjab

Dr Sumita Sofat – Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Punjab

To sum up her experience in a few words is tough for anyone, especially those who have met her & planned for their successful IVF journey.

LUDHIANA, PUNJAB, INDIA, November 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Sumita Sofat in her medical career of 25 years has not only been known for treating countless infertile patients. Being a known fertility doctor her vision is to ‘Turn Hopes Into Life’. She has gained that trust and respect as the Obstetrician Gynaecologists fertility doctor because of her expertise.

Infinite hope is coming all the way
‘INFERTILITY’ That one term that can make things difficult to deal with. At such a point life might seem very tough but, we are even more capable of handling the situation in a better way than we would have thought. During the infertility journey at the leading IVF Centre in Punjab, the first concern is whether the fertility doctor is experienced or not or whether the hospital has the latest technology to boost the chances of conception.

Modern and inventive technologies under one roof
The IVF journey goes even smoother when the IVF Centre in Ludhiana which we choose to select has everything with the latest and modern approach. Groundbreaking technologies like IVF, ICSI, egg freezing, embryo transfer with the latest testing, and much more are available at the IVF centre. Wouldn’t be it better to choose the fertility clinic which has brought countless fertility treatment options in Punjab? It’s the passion of the IVF doctor which makes a difference and that is the reason infertile couples from around the world choose to consult them only for their IVF journey.

Strong Vision Better Results
It’s not a piece of cake that someone can give you their trust without knowing much. Planning for the IVF journey means trusting a doctor who is already known in Punjab. The fertility doctor’s vision is to ensure their centre has the highest success rate possible.
Shoot up in the IVF success rate
Indeed it is important that the treatment selected has the highest success rate. Punjab is the hub of fertility treatment and it has been noted that the IVF success rate goes up to 50% which is a great relief in itself. Basically, the major question all have in their mind is what is the actual IVF cost? Adding to the above-mentioned point everything is combined to get the successful results with IVF or results with fertility treatment. All thanks to the latest technology, everything is getting easier with time.

Part of the esteemed organizations
It’s also about taking initiatives and ensuring the rightful approach is used in every way possible. The fact that a fertility doctor aims to help the patients in achieving the dream of motherhood says a lot about their passion. Choosing the fertility doctor is one of those decisions that should not be made in a hurry. It’s better to check whether the fertility doctor is a part of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Indian Fertility Society (IFS), and State Coordinator of Indian Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR), or any other organization or not. Parenthood is one journey that should be enjoyed & there is no need to stress about it.

Finest and probable infertility treatment in Punjab
‘MILESTONE ACHIEVED’ It is easy to read but the hardships and hard work which go behind it are way beyond the imagination. The updated and new-fangled technologies are available in Punjab like the testicular tissue freezing method (ideal for the patients diagnosed with obstructive azoospermia), treatment for premature ovarian failure, oocyte donation method, and much more.

The Infertility unit is dedicated to the latest options where the patients get the most comfortable experience. Additionally, the in-house team of embryologists follows every possible measure to ensure embryo health is good in all ways. The stringent practices are followed in the IVF lab and make sure everything is of the right quality. Talking about the international standards, that is what the fertility clinics in Punjab are following to ensure the IVF couple has a journey.

Give every opportunity a chance – Plan the IVF JOURNEY
No doubt, everything seems impossible until it’s done. But, we know that everything is possible, it’s just the right approach and vision which can make the IVF pregnancy journey easier and safer. So, don’t lose hope and don’t let infertility affect your health & overall well-being.

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