Deepa Anand: How to Prepare and Plan for a Hike

Deepa Anand: How to Prepare and Plan for a Hike 1


Deepa Anand shares some tips on how to prepare and plan for a hike. Be familiar with your route.

CALABASAS , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Deepa Anand says that the first thing to do in preparing for a hike is to choose your route. It’s possible to find a local trail within your community. Or you could select a multi-day trip or even visit a national park. If you want to explore nearby trails and read reviews, you can try websites like the Hiking Project.

Choose proper shoes.

Another critical thing to ensuring that you’ve got an exciting and pain-free hike is wearing comfortable and proper footwear. According to Deepa Anand these easy and flat trails only need a pair of running shoes. However, you should wear high-top hiking boots for rocky and rough terrain.

Take your safety as a top priority.

According to Deepa Anand, your safety is crucial when you’re hiking. It would be better to go with another person if it’s possible. Also, make sure that you tell your friends or anyone close to you about your hiking plans. Consider leaving a copy of hiking activities, including your itinerary, in your car. The info could be handy for a rescue team should you get lost. Use outdoor apps, too, to keep track of your routes.

Check the weather.

Deepa Anand says that you should check the weather before you set out for hiking and dress accordingly.

Be prepared.

You may never know what might happen while you’re out hiking. As a result, Deepa Anand explains that it’s wise to be prepared by carrying necessities like snacks, a first aid kit, matches, water, a pocket knife, and a flashlight.

Prepare yourself physically.

Deepa Anand says that you also need to prepare yourself physically. You can do cardio exercises, including running or walking, to boost your strength and endurance. Other activities that can help you get in shape include steps and squats, planks, and sit-ups.

Start small.

As Deepa Anand notes, it’s critical to know how far you can go on your hike. It would be better to begin small, especially if it’s your first time hiking. You’ll need an average hiking speed of three miles an hour, for example. The higher the elevation of your hike or the longer it is, the more energy and effort you’ll need, leading to exhaustion.

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Deepa Anand’s hobbies and interests are painting and cooking. As an entrepreneur, Deepa Anand is involved in the fashion industry, representing Indian culture. Her company is India’s #1 custom design company in the U.S. and parts of Asia.

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Deepa Anand: How to Prepare and Plan for a Hike 2