CPT has finalized its initial drug substance production and also shown efficacies against Covid-19 variants

CPT has finalized its initial drug substance production and also shown efficacies against Covid-19 variants 1

Curyx Partners Therapeutics (“CPT”) has finalized initial production of drug substance for CPT-100, an innovative intranasal peptide drug for Covid-19 treatment

HONG KONG, CHINA, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Curyx Partners Therapeutics Holdings Limited (“CPT”) has finalized initial production of drug substance, an innovative intranasal peptide drug which is currently being developed as a highly commercially viable drug candidate for the treatment of Covid-19 infections. CPT is a Hong Kong-based drug development company focused on developing patient-friendly anti-viral drugs for severe and acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and related viral injections. In addition to its lead drug candidate, CPT-100, the company has four other small molecule and peptide-based drug candidates which have been successfully tested in animal models to show significant efficacies for Covid-19 infections.

“We are very excited about our abilities to swiftly move forward with our development program for the commercialization of our lead candidate which is superior compared to other Covid-19 drugs in many ways. Given the current environment where more cases are rising with variants and the vaccines alone will not effectively prevent the spread of this highly infectious virus, CPT-100 delivers a flexible and meaningful regimen towards combating Covid-19 infections.” states Mr. Alex Yang, JD, Executive Chair of the Company. “One of the keys to successfully deal with this pandemic is to treat infected patients with drugs that specifically target to prevent the viral infections without side effects and also provide preventive measures in a patient-friendly administration of drugs.”

CPT-100 is a 7-mer peptide which can be administered via oral intake or intranasal spray. Its mechanism of action specifically targets and binds to S1 spikes of coronaviruses to effectively prevent the viruses from entering our cells through ACE2 receptors. Unlike antibody drugs which may cause immune responses and as a result worsen the conditions for many mid-to-late stage Covid-19 patients, CPT-100 does not cause such immune chain reactions and can be used safely to treat Covid-19 infections. The drugs can be manufactured at a reasonable cost with a long-term shelf life potential. Thus, the drug can be available and accessible through local pharmacies rather than having to visit hospitals for IV infusions which are the cases for many other Covid-19 treatment drugs. Furthermore, CPT-100 may be able to use as prophylactic measures so that unaffected people can simply administer the drug before they take a flight or go to a concert to warrant extra protections against viral infections even if you are already vaccinated.

Rush University Medical Center, one of our R&D collaborators for CPT-100, has just reported its findings based on cultured human lung cell studies that CPT-100 is also effective against a number of Covid-19 variants, including UK, South African and Delta variants. “We are thrilled with the opportunities for CPT to develop innovative and patient-friendly drugs for Covid-19 and potentially other viral infections,” comments Dr. Kali Pahan, a Professor of Neurological Sciences, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology and the Floyd A. Davis, M.D., Endowed Chair in Neurology at Rush in Chicago. The variant strains often change their body shapes of the spikes and therefore certain antibodies may not bind well but our drug candidate, CPT-100 binds at the tip of the spikes which typically remain constant. Dr. Hahn-Jun Lee, M.Sc., Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at CPT also elaborates that “CPT-100 could be one of the most practically applicable forms of Covid-19 treatment currently in the market or under development based on its unique mechanism of action, favorable administration, and excellent safety profile potential.”

The company management team believes that CPT-100 will quickly move towards intranasal formulation and animal toxicology studies followed by filing an Investigational New Drug (IND) application with the US FDA in early 2022. “The current plan is to accelerate our commercialization efforts with both the exploratory Phase 2a study immediately followed by the expanded Phase 2b study.” states Mr. Alex Yang, JD. “With the accelerated regulatory pathway under the emergency use authorization program, the company would like to provide much needed drugs against Covid-19 infections to the market as soon as possible.” Mr. Anthony Lam, Chief Finance Officer of CPT also comments that, “CPT-100 has shown tremendous potential for its drug efficacies, easy administration and safety profile which would effectively translate into one of the most commercially attractive and viable options as Covid-19 drugs.”

About Curyx Partners Therapeutics
Curyx Partners Therapeutics Holdings Limited (“CPT”) is an innovative drug development company based in Hong Kong focused on researching and commercializing a number of drug candidates for anti-viral infections. CPT currently has five drug candidates ranging from small molecules to peptides which have successfully shown animal proof of concept that effectively treat Covid-19 infection. With the unique mechanism of action targeting the spikes of coronavirus, the drug candidates can be specifically targeted to prevent viral infections without intra-cellular activities. With the patient-friendly mode of administration such as intranasal spray and excellent safety profiles, the drug candidates indicate significant commercial viability. Furthermore, one of the drug candidates has recently shown that it is also highly effective in treating a number of Covid-19 variants based on cultured human lung cell studies, including delta virus.

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CPT has finalized its initial drug substance production and also shown efficacies against Covid-19 variants 2