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SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, January 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Clean Group CEO explains how to deep clean a workplace after contracting COVID-19

As coronavirus is back in the form of a new variant – Omicron – the only thing NSW businesses seem to be wondering these days is how to keep their premises safe from COVID-19 or how to sanitise their facilities after getting the infection. Well, Clean Group CEO, Suji Siv, here explains the right way to deep clean a commercial property after a COVID-19 case has been reported.

Clean Group is a prominent provider of covid cleaning and disinfection services to commercial property owners in the Sydney, NSW region. It was founded by Suji Siv, a cleaning industry veteran who has been involved in business cleaning for over two decades.

While most people prefer to clean their homes on their own using whatever domestic cleaning products they can get their hands on, commercial cleaning is very different and should only be handled by experts to ensure the desired results. And with COVID around, sanitizing is the best way to keep business premises clean and safe from the virus. Sanitizing refers to the use of specialized chemicals to kill germs or prevent their spread in specific areas of workplaces.

Regular COVID disinfecting is the key to safety in commercial premises

As the COVID-19 lockdowns are nearly over and businesses in NSW are looking to re-open, regular sanitizing can help keep commercial premises and workers safe from the virus. Suji Siv explains how.

“There is a big difference between regular cleaning and covid sanitizing. Unlike before, businesses cannot get away with just cleaning, mopping their floors and wiping down surfaces. It’s simply not enough and certainly not the best way to handle the virus. What they need to do instead is follow a routine of sanitizing and disinfecting. Also, for maximum benefit, cleaners should adopt the right way of sanitizing and use proper gear to ensure complete safety of themselves and people around them,” said Suji Siv.

Inexperienced or untrained cleaners who are not accustomed to the methods of covid sanitising can follow the Clean Group disinfecting guidelines (available on the company website) to learn a thing or two. Here’s a brief of the same, along with some covid-19 sanitizing tips recommended by the Clean Group CEO.

How to clean a business facility after COVID contraction

“For one, all interior and exterior areas, especially high traffic places and objects in an office must be disinfected on a consistent basis. These include doorknobs, lift buttons, light switches, handrails, cabinet doors, desks, computers, phones, toilets and other areas. Use a TGA-approved disinfectant or one that has been proven effective against COVID-19. Do not hurry to wipe down the chemical, but let it sit for at least a few minutes before wiping it down with a clean microfibre cloth,” said Suji Siv.

Cleaning plus disinfecting is the best way to do it – Suji Siv

Business cleaning is important, but it’s far from easy. Keeping the workplace clean and germ-free is particularly difficult for businesses that have a lot of visitors and/or workers. For example, malls and big grocery chains that entertain hundreds of customers throughout the day may find it hard to keep track of sick people visiting their premises. “Placing sanitiser stations at entry points or performing temperature checks is not enough. Such businesses must disinfect their high traffic points at least two or three times, maybe more, during the day. Trust only a professional covid cleaner to do a good job consistently.”

For commercial establishments where a confirmed or suspected covid-19 case has been reported, complete decontamination is the only best way to ensure workplace safety from future incidents. Clean Group’s electrostatic disinfection, for instance, is proven effective against the coronavirus and provide up to 30 days of protection. Their cleaners have good experience in cleaning and disinfecting workplaces to remove up to 99,99% of germs, including the covid-19 virus. They are trained professionals who have completed the covid-19 cleaning course of the NSW health department. The company also offers a completion certificate for all their covid cleaning jobs to help businesses get quick approval for re-opening after a covid case has been found on their premises.

Clean Group offers complete covid cleaning solutions for commercial facilities

Clean Group, a Sydney NSW-based cleaning company, has been offering disinfection cleaning services to local businesses for over two decades now. The company has plenty of experience along with a dedicated team of disinfection cleaners. They regularly upgrade their cleaning methods to include the latest cutting-edge technologies and tools and have also arranged covid training for their teams to ensure meeting the customers’ expectations and particular sanitizing needs. The company offers cleaning services to all types of business entities ranging from retail stores to offices, warehouses, schools, childcare, medical centres and multilevel strata buildings.

Businesses looking for trained covid cleaning professionals in Sydney NSW can contact Clean Group to book a cleaning service.

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