Cillar Coin to Finance the Afrail Express High-Speed Rail Network to Connect Africa

Cillar Coin to Finance the Afrail Express High-Speed Rail Network to Connect Africa 1

Cillar Coin, a new cryptocurrency, to finance the construction of the Afrail Express High-speed rail network to connect the entire African continent.

WINDHOEK , NAMIBIA , February 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Afrailways is financing the construction of the Afrail Express high-speed rail infrastructure through the issuance and sale of Cillar Coin Security Token Offering (CIL STO), a new cryptocurrency forked on Ethereum and backed by 70% of Afrail Express Limited Class A Common Shares.

Cillar Coin is designed to serve as the exclusive central currency for the Afrail Express ticketing, meaning that for the passengers to ride Afrail Express, passengers will need to buy their Afrail Express tickets using Cillar Coin, which is softly pegged against the United States Dollar at USD $0.20 for 1 $CIL.

The Cillar STO pre-sale is launching in May 2022 with a total circullation of 900,000,000,000 Tokens for the pre-sale starting at USD $0.01 to raise the required cash for the construction of Afrail Express Phase One.

“Cillar Coin is developed as a new cryptocurrency, built on a secure, scalable, and reliable blockchain, to serve as the central currency for the Afrail Express ecosystem,” States Daniel Hu, Vice President of Cillar Coin.

Afrail Express is being developed as a high-speed passenger rail system based on Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) Technology to connect the entire continent of Africa, from South Africa to Morocco via in-between countries.

Afrail Express is poised to make travel between cities and countries in Africa to be more faster, safer, and affordable, and serve more than 600 million paying-passengers and deliver more 500 million packages through its Express Courier Service, every week when fully commissioned, effecting a creation of the largest advanced industrial ecosystem development in Africa to create more than 50 million new job opportunities throughout Africa.

“Cillar Coin is empowered to handle a daily transaction volume of more than USD $300 billion for the Afrail Express ecosystem,” Exclaims Daniel Hu.

The First Phase of Afrail Express is to connect Johannesburg to Lagos, Cairo to Johannesburg, and Lagos to Cairo.

Afrail Express high-speed passenger rails will enable fast and efficient transportation at affordable rates across Africa, at the speed of 431 km per hour, to get passengers to their desired destinations faster and safer.

The Afrail Express rails will feature hi-tech passenger coaches equipped with stylish interiors and comfortable seats with cool features such as Wi-Fi, entertainment and catering services.

About Afrail Express

Afrail Express is a flagship development project between Switzerland-based Afrailways and Namibia-based Groot Suisse Industries. Afrail Express is committed to moving Africa, one passenger at a time, more safer, faster and affordable.

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Cillar Coin to Finance the Afrail Express High-Speed Rail Network to Connect Africa 2