Candidacy Announcement – Moses Mugulusi for U.S. Senate (NY) 2022

Candidacy Announcement - Moses Mugulusi for U.S. Senate (NY) 2022 1

Mugulusi for U.S. Senate

COVID-19 EXPOSED the vulnerabilities that already existed: Housing, economic and health disparities were all present but have only deepened, we deserve better.

Let’s make 2022 count – We start with Medicare for All & affordable /low-income housing”

— Moses Mugulusi

FLORIDA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, January 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mugulusi for U.S. Senate (New York) 2022 – Progressive Democrat

Moses Mugulusi a Candidate for U.S. Senate, worked for many years in public service, from auditing Medicaid programs to regulating financial institutions with one goal to serve the people of NY. He’s running for U.S. Senate (NY) 2022 to go to Washington and strongly advocate for the struggling everyday people & small businesses across NY state. “The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer and the politicians in Washington are busy serving corporations and special interest groups”

Moses is proud New Yorker, he worked for many years in public service, from auditing Medicaid programs to regulating financial institutions-his job has been to protect/serve the public/the people of New York.

He has witnessed what his fellow New Yorkers face, from lack of access to affordable healthcare, lack of access to credit to lack of access to affordable housing. Moses strongly believes that there is a better way forward.

Moses said that when he first immigrated to the United States, he believed that there was only one America. He worked in numerous jobs including a factory marking packaging, retails stores, until he had saved a few hundred dollars to attend college with the help of student loans. There he earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and later a master’s degree in finance. He began his public service work, auditing Medicaid Programs and finally worked as a Regulator of Financial Institutions. His work as a Medicaid Program auditor gave him the opportunity to go to so many parts of NY state, and as a Financial Regulator he had an opportunity to go to so many states in U.S. and he has a fair understanding of the issues affecting many communities. Through his work travels, he learned that there are two Americas. One is the rich America, where the upper class continue to gain and gain, and the other is the Working America, where poor and middle-class families are struggling to survive. America, the richest country on earth “our people deserve better, this is our opportunity to do something drastically different to help the struggling American people”.

“NEW YORK, WE CAN DO IT– AS YOUR SENATOR, I WILL BE YOUR STRONGEST ADVOCATE” Moses has always answered the call to serve NY state

Ebola Virus breakout- In September 2014, the CDC confirmed the first travel associated case of Ebola in United States in a man who travelled from West Africa to Dallas, Texas, the patient died just a few days later. New York State went into high protection mode, creating a command center to carryout data analysis, monitor and screen all international flights, the state called on volunteers, Moses answered the call, he worked with JFK airport command center team.

Covid -19 hit and terrorized New York State to a point where his fellow New Yorkers were dying in thousands a day, eventually the state secured some resources to get people tested-the situation was overwhelming, very limited resources against tens of thousands of people trying to get tested. The state called on volunteers to help with screening and scheduling, Moses answered the call, he was on the team that worked 24/7 to screen people for testing.

Moses will advocate for a robust healthcare system (Medicare for All) to cover healthcare needs including routine medical checkups, Insulin, Eyecare, Hearing aids and Dentures, he will advocate for investments in our communities to enhance our quality of life –A living wage, Affordable Housing with a path to homeownership, Childcare, Mental health, Jobs creation initiatives, Accessible & quality education, Student debt crisis relief, Limit bank overdraft fees to $5, Limit ATM fees to .20c and Climate change investments – as one of the most critical issues facing our generation

Our current Senator has been in Washington for over 20 years, a lot of talking but no action, to this day, thousands of American people die every year due to lack of access to care. Over 34 million people in USA are diabetic and the vast majority of them cannot afford the lifesaving Drug Insulin, some have resorted to drug rationing, their stories are heart breaking, it’s time for a change, join the call.

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Candidacy Announcement - Moses Mugulusi for U.S. Senate (NY) 2022 2