Biotech consumes 148,000,000 lbs./Yr. of Co2

Biotech consumes 148,000,000 lbs./Yr. of Co2 5

Revolutionary CO2 conversion system for producing food, drugs, and biofuels

Our CO2 conversion technology may create more than a 300+ % increase in biomass and oxygen production via CO2 capture in land-based commercial scale reactors and space settlements (Mars).””

— Public Relations AlgaStar Inc.

GULF BREEZE, FL, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Algastar Inc. – Our patented 200-unit commercial scale “SolarMagnatron” symbiotic energy system (SES) project consumes 148,000,000 lbs. of Co2 per year by microalgae biomass cultivation producing approximately 6,750,000 gallons of bio-oil per/yr. In addition, our patented “BioStim” technology has been tested to make a 300+ % increase in algae biomass production for use in land-based, commercial scale algae bioreactors and potentially for future space and Moon/Mars settlements. Other high-valued nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and food products can be extracted from the algae biomass produced.

The 20-month Renewable Energy and Efficiency Technology (REET) research project, directed by Dr. Ashvini Chauhan at Florida A&M University, focused on growing a unique blend of algae while studying the use of a rare-earth magnet to enhance biomass production with artificial sunlight utilizing inventor John Ericsson’s USA patented “BioStim” electromagnetic biostimulation research system. As a result, his team found a substantially increased algal biomass/biofuel production of up to 600% in just six days.

Dr. Chauhan’s team successfully grew algal biomass using a micro-algae/bacteria blend in wastewater isolated from a local Tallahassee sewage treatment plant and converted the biomass into biofuels.

Mr. Bobby Edwards, a REET researcher at FAMU, reported a 630% biomass increase in just six days utilizing BioStim equipped with rare-earth magnets to provide the electromagnetic energy requirements for our AlgaStar “SolarMagnatron” symbiotic energy system (SES) for biomass growth.

Applied Research Associates in Panama City, Florida (ARA) conducted their proprietary hydrothermal liquefication process to convert the FAMU-produced wet-algae biomass directly into bio-oil for fuels

The final REET report issued in January 2021 stated:

“Microalgae holds an immense potential for production of biodiesel, food, drugs, and other high value-added bio-products when algae growth is coupled to nutrients present in chlorinated influent wastewater from (a moon-based or commercial) sewage treatment plant or from other waste byproducts plus electromagnetic biostimulation utilizing the “BioStim” biomass turbocharger. This combination becomes a very cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable technology for the future of humanity’s survival on Earth, space exploration, and a Mars colony. In addition, this process can capture tons of CO2, enhance wastewater treatment facility efficiency, and reduce chemicals (SRP, NH4, NOx) discharged into rivers and coastal zones resulting in alga blooms and red tides.”

(Note: Enhanced consumption of CO2 via alga and oxygen production is particularly interesting for space exploration and the Mars mission.)

How it Happened

AlgaStar Inc. won a $1.0 million State of Florida and three participants funded, a 20-month (REET) research grant with Florida A&M University (FAMU), NASA at Kennedy Space Center, and ARA, a leading US R&D engineering firm.

Additionally, in 2018, BioStim Inc., a research affiliate of AlgaStar Inc., received its third year of technical assistance from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program (NMSBA). These grants help to develop the 2020 Florida REET further tested electromagnetic energy requirements for the USA patented “BioStim” electromagnetic biostimulation research system.

Recently, NASA’s Ames Research Center in California and General Electric in New York have stimulated research proposals from us featuring our electromagnetic biostimulation technology for potential use in long-term space travel and future Mars exploration and bioreactor systems and biofuels production for the US Department of Energy.

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Biotech consumes 148,000,000 lbs./Yr. of Co2 6