Binary Torrent LLC announced their cooperation agreement with Lapland Minerals Inc.


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Binary Torrent LLC, a US-based direct selling company marketing e-book publishing rights, announced earlier in April the agreement with Made4Share Publishing.

LEWES, DE, USA, May 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — E-book services are limited online, but with the marketing power of Made4Share Publishing, the members in Binary Torrent will be able to utilize their global reach and get noticed and read by millions of people.

In April, the company signed its second cooperation agreement with the Panama-based “smart company” Lapland Minerals Inc.

On Thursday, 28 April, lawmakers in Panama’s National Assembly approved a law to regulate the use and commercialization of crypto assets in the Central American country. The bill opens the door to private and public service of crypto assets and will make it possible for people to pay their taxes with cryptocurrencies.

The legislation is broader in scope than measures passed by El Salvador, which made bitcoin legal tender last year, said independent lawmaker and promoter of the bill Gabriel Silva.

“We’re seeing the emergence of many different crypto assets like works of art,” he said. “That’s why we didn’t want to limit ourselves only to cryptocurrencies.”

The bill covers the trading and use of crypto acquisitions, issuance of digital securities, new payment systems, and the tokenization of precious metals. Tokenization is when rights to an asset are converted into digital formats.

Lapland Minerals Inc announced on 2 May the recorded general surveys related to their LMGT token and the mining operators’ mineral claims that back up the same cryptographic token with proven rare earth minerals to values of more than 8 billion USD. Lapland Minerals Inc will launch its LMGT token for sales to the public during the 3rd quarter of 2022 and list it for public exchange during the 4th quarter of 2023. Each LMGT is pegged against 0.1-gram of gold mineral claims, and the token will operate and fluctuate according to the current gold price index.

“We have managed to secure the deal as one of their marketing channels, and we can offer a limited amount of free gifted tokens, air-dropped, to our growing membership base. We have the means and opportunity to create spread and usability to the LMGT token through our members is intriguing, says Binary Torrents Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bo Jensen.”

Binary Torrent LLC has its head office based in the USA with representative and support offices in Sweden and Vietnam.

To find out more about the future development of Binary Torrent LLC, visit their website at https://binarytorrent.com.

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Binary Torrent LLC announced their cooperation agreement with Lapland Minerals Inc. 1