Back to School Kids Safer with Medical Alert Bracelets

Back to School Kids Safer with Medical Alert Bracelets 1

Return to school with a kid-themed medical alert bracelet to help keep your child safe while away from home, whether it’s an allergy or medical id need.

RENO, NV, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — No priority is higher for parents than the safety of their children. Last year saw many parents scared and unsure what to do regarding school and the threat of COVID. Now with vaccinations slowing the spread, parents still must keep other health issues in mind for when schools reopen after summer break. Many medical emergencies involving children happen at school, but regardless of location, medical alert bracelets and necklaces can and does save lives.

Toni Bissell, president of N-Style ID knows the importance of safety when it comes to youngsters and medical conditions. Bissell founded her company as a result of a traumatic event that landed her youngest daughter in the hospital for seven days. The family learned that her daughter, Camille, had Type I Diabetes. “Having a child become seriously ill in a heartbeat wakes you up to the reality of their fragility,” says Bissell. “Changes to our diet and lifestyle to keep our child healthy were not hard to implement. The difficulty came when we tried to convince Camille to wear an unattractive medical ID bracelet that had zero style. That prompted me to start our unique medical jewelry company.”

Many schools will reopen with a new look after the CDC has released new classroom guidelines such as vaccinated teachers and students no longer needing to wear masks inside school buildings. Normalcy is welcome, as several studies have shown the impact that lockdowns and school closings have had on the mental health of parents and children.

● One report found 31% of survey respondents reported symptoms of anxiety or depression.
● 26% reported stress-related symptoms.
● 11% reported having serious thoughts of suicide in the past 30 days.

A normal school year could be the giant sigh of relief needed by students, parents, and teachers. And with traditional school schedules come normal risks of regular life. Children with allergies must still be cautious about the foods they eat and come in contact with around friends. N-Style ID offers fashionable allergy bracelets that encourage kids to wear their medical jewelry while not worrying about negative comments from peers because the jewelry is fashionable. And these life-saving necklaces and bracelets help ensure first responders can assess the situation in the blink of an eye.

It is this blend of health defense and style that sets N-Style ID apart. The most detailed ID bracelet does no good if the child slips it off the minute he walks into the school lobby. This can leave the child defenseless should she have an allergic reaction or a seizure. Safety gets enhanced by ID jewelry with a sense of coolness to it, a must in order to be kid-friendly. The tragedy of a lost or kidnapped child is made more so knowing that they had better odds of being found had they not been ashamed to wear their kids ID bracelet.

Back to school means more than proper education. It will mean bus rides, lunches with classmates, and afterschool activities. Health safety should go with children regardless of where their school experience takes them. N-Style ID has something for every young person with products such as:

● Heroic Knight medical ID bracelets
● Rainbow bracelets
● Teen themes
● Matching medical pet collars for children’s furry friends
● Artistic beaded options

President Toni Bissell’s vision is to relieve the stress from those dealing with conditions requiring medical IDs. Her family knows that stress all too well and works daily to keep her products attractive and appealing to youngsters so that parents know their kid’s medical jewelry is worn 24/7. Wearing their own designs works out great for Bissell and her oldest daughter, Haley, who are proud promoters of organ donation.

All sections of the N-Style ID website get updated constantly with fresh designs and innovative pieces that get choosy youngsters excited to wear them. No matter if your child is into paracord wristbands or pearl bangles, we have a style for them. Elegant, fresh, and eye-catching medical bracelets that could one day save their life and definitely give you peace of mind every time they head off to school.

Ordering is simple and custom engraving is the finishing touch that makes N-Style ID medical alert jewelry a must for back to school normalcy with safety. Choose a stylish life-saving jewelry piece at N-StyleID.com.

About N-Style ID
Inspired and called into action by a family emergency involving a young daughter, N-Style ID was born in order to save lives by putting a shine on the dull medical jewelry world. Adding stylish options to medical bracelets for kids that didn’t exist before has made people with medical conditions and allergies safer. Parents’ stress levels have been lowered as well, due to fewer battles with children who won’t wear clunky jewelry but are cool with wearing Batman ID bracelets or teens impressed by zen-beaded bangles. N-Style ID is proud to have made families safer and more stylish for over 20 years.

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Back to School Kids Safer with Medical Alert Bracelets 2