Author Dorothy Cristantiello Shares a Tale of Acceptance, Transformation

Author Dorothy Cristantiello Shares a Tale of Acceptance, Transformation 1

“Caterpillar City”

A tale of differences and changes that will tug your heart

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Butterflies are captivating. We see them hop from one flower to another with their magnificent and beautiful wings. But have you ever wondered how butterflies grow? How do they turn from the seemingly unpleasant caterpillars into the beautiful beings that we now find fascinating? In the book “Caterpillar City,” author Dorothy Cristantiello explores the concepts of being different, transformation, and acceptance as she tells us about the tale of a girl, Dodie, who had to deal with such challenges.

Ms. Cristantiello is no stranger to challenges for she has faced a set of her own. A native New Yorker, this Bronx-based author had to deal with a life-changing situation that forced her to retire from her thriving career as an EKG technician. With her three daughters now all grown-up and leading lives of their own, Dorothy discovered her passion for writing and has continued to pursue it. She now shares her stories with young readers in the hope of teaching them about issues that children commonly face.

In “Caterpillar City,” the author shares the tale of a young girl riddled with a physical deformity who had to face being different and struggle with peer pressure. Growing up being different from others is hard, especially when you carry a burden as heavy as physical deformity. However, it also opens up doors to true friendships, love, empathy, and kindness. As the young girl turns into a beautiful mature woman, she learns about these and more. Heartwarming and nostalgic, this book teaches readers the value of acceptance and compassion.

Young readers and their older counterparts will certainly find this book and the lessons among its pages valuable. Dorothy Cristantiello’s “Caterpillar City” is available on Amazon and other online digital platforms.

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Author Dorothy Cristantiello Shares a Tale of Acceptance, Transformation 2