Announcing the Launch of “The Sacred Sounds of Sri Vidya” by Noted Indian Author Vinita Rashinkar

The Sacred Sounds of Sri Vidya

A book that delves into the mantras associated with Sri Vidya

Indian bestselling author Vinita Rashinkar

Indian bestselling author Vinita Rashinkar

Other books by author Vinita Rashinkar

Other books by author Vinita Rashinkar

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, October 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — We find the term “anavritti shabdat” in the Vedanta Sutra. This concept can be understood as utilising the power of sound to attain liberation. Mantras – potent sound forms passed on from generations, not only have the power to evoke positivity but can transform the reality of our perception by bringing about a heightened state of awareness. The Sri Vidya tradition is rich in mantras dedicated to defining the glory of Shakti. This book is an endeavour to explore the main mantras used in the Sri Vidya tradition and understand them as the unfolding of Shakti, the inherent power which lies at the core of our being and holds the key to our worldly and spiritual success.

“Sri Vidya begins where the current understanding of quantum physics ends”, say modern-day scholars about this little known, highly esoteric spiritual tradition that has been carefully kept under wraps by its practitioners. Sri Vidya practise is a three-fold one, encompassing mantra (sacred sound), yantra (sacred geometry) and tantra (a technique or framework for worship). Learning about the mantras used in the Sri Vidya tradition is fascinating as it spans an array of techniques, texts and philosophical concepts.
Our minds and beliefs can be our strongest allies or our worst enemies. The book delves into concepts such as the importance of building the right narrative about life and the need for ritual in modern-day lifestyle. Samskara, vritti and vasana are described along with a detailed study of tantra and Sri Vidya before a discussion on mantras in general and then focussing on the mantras used in the Sri Vidya tradition. The subjects covered seek to establish the context of mantra sadhana in Sri Vidya is to be approached, combining elements of knowledge, devotion and ritual.

The author says: “We live in a time of deep insecurity, stuck in the midst of a feeling of scarcity, stress and self-limiting beliefs. This book offers everyone an opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of mantra sadhana of Sri Vidya and enjoy a life of abundance in all aspects of life –good health, meaningful relationships, success at work, peace and bliss in the spiritual path.”

The author has kept in mind the sensibilities of the modern spiritual seeker and their needs and interests, presenting the information in a non-dogmatic and practical manner. This is the fourth book by the author in the Spirituality Series. The first book was about the Sri Chakra Yantra, the second was about Chakras and the third was Tantra, Mantra and Yantra of Sri Vidya.

Vinita Rashinkar is a health and wellness expert, writer, speaker, spiritual counsellor and healer. She derives satisfaction from helping people find happiness and in aiding them to lead a healthy and meaningful life. She has studied the principles of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, chanting, chakras and stress management under various masters for the past 22 years. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature. Vinita is the Founder and Managing dDirector of Amara Vedic Wellness GmbH, a Dusseldorf-based company which aims at bringing hidden aspects of Vedic knowledge to the common man. Vinita has been a regular contributor to popular publications and portals, writing on subjects of health and lifestyle. She is also the Founder-Director of Bluebrick PR, aspecialized international tourism marketing company. She is presently working on her fifth book based on the life and works of Adi Shankaracharya, India’s greatest poet-saint, mystic and philosopher. Vinita has been featured in various Indian and international publications such as Femina, Outlook, Asiaspa, Finest Finance and Vogue. She is currently working with a major TV channel to provide health and wellness content.

The book is now available online at amazon.com and various other platforms.

For more information, please see www.vinitarashinkar.in.

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Announcing the Launch of “The Sacred Sounds of Sri Vidya” by Noted Indian Author Vinita Rashinkar 3