Ambition Fitness Global is Releasing the First NPU Neural Network Processing AI Fitnesses Trainer This Year

Customizable AI Personal Training

AI Technology that Tracks Movements and Gives You Real Time Advice

Ambition Fitness has Designed the First Motion Tracking, Calorie Counting, NPU Neural Network Processing Artificial Trainer

UNITED STATES, February 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ambition Fitness Global (a fitness company based out of USA and Canada), has recently developed the first artificial intelligence fitness trainer. The project began early 2019 and is expecting to be available to consumers April 2022 pending the completion of their current Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for global distribution. Ambition Fitness Global believes AI technology is the future of fitness, offering the public an affordable and personalized way to train, manage fitness and health in the safety and comfort of their home on their schedule.

“Almost nothing is as important as health, both physical and mental, that’s why we believe it is equally important to remove as many barriers as possible especially in times like these.” Says Brooklyn Wilson founder of Ambition Fitness Global.

GYMBOT (the new AI fitness trainer) is used by connecting to a TV and Wifi. There are in-built 50+ free courses for all players who registered a GYMBOT account. Players can enjoy unlimited rolling of these courses including lessons from professional bodybuilders, dancers, martial artists and more. GYMBOT is equipped with motion capture 3D camera that can match players’ movements against the trainers’. Human voice and message will be generated from the TV to guide players to improve their movements and improve workout performance while displaying a real time calorie count.

There are a few premium features. 1) Two players can train together using the same GYMBOT 2)A player with GYMBOT can invite another player (from anywhere in the world) who also has a GYMBOT to train together, 3) A player can host a training session inviting many friends/fans to join. The host player can get rebate from GYMBOT platform for every participant. ###

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Ambition Fitness Global is Releasing the First NPU Neural Network Processing AI Fitnesses Trainer This Year 1