A Mom Creates Product Focused on Healthy Boogers as a Way to Fight Germs

Joyce Dales ~ Founder of Buzzagogo and Inventor of Cold Bee Gone

Joyce Dales ~ Founder of Buzzagogo and Inventor of Cold Bee Gone

One NH mom creates natural remedy focused on having a healthy “Booger Biome”

NOTTINGHAM, NH, 03290, December 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A small New Hampshire based honey remedy company has a unique, and somewhat gross, message this holiday season. “Healthy boogers are the secret to fighting germs!”

Joyce Dales is the founder of Buzzagogo and the maker of Cold Bee Gone, a homeopathic, super honey remedy that users swab in the nose to fight seasonal illness. Joyce has been teaching about the importance of the nasal biome for over a decade. Now, with the pandemic, she says people finally understand that the nose is the key. She says that the health of the nose will impact susceptibility to illness so when she couldn’t find a product to address this issue, she decided to create her own.

Her mission began after her daughter, who was adopted from Vietnam, needed open heart surgery due to the long term genetic impacts of Agent Orange. Ordinary illness was a threat to her child’s health and her daughter was considered immunocompromised after she arrived home. Joyce thought her remedy would be kept in mason jars to be shared with only friends and family. Little did she realize that 12 years later her product would be in 12,000 stores nationwide. Her homemade cold remedy resonates with people across the world who are now experiencing the same worry and fear she felt with her baby girl those first few years. Her products are even a staple in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse after Joyce sent them samples over five years ago. No one has time to worry about every sniffle and sneeze as the world attempts to return to normal life and, according the Joyce, having a healthy “Booger Biome” is a critical part of staying well.

This holiday season Cold Bee Gone has become the unexpected stocking stuffer of choice as Joyce and her worker bees fill orders nonstop. It’s the “White Elephant” gift holiday party guests may compete for as they look for innovative, natural ways to stay healthy in 2022.

For more information on Buzzagogo and it’s remarkable growth during Covid19, please visit coldbeegone.com or contact Joyce@buzzagogo.com.


Joyce Dales is the CEO of Buzzagogo and the maker of Cold Bee Gone and Allergy Bee Gone, Manuka Honey based remedies that you swab in your nose to help fight cold, flu, allergies and to protect the nasal biome. Joyce is a mom to two beautiful girls through the gift of international adoption. She and her husband Jeffrey run their company while homeschooling, as they travel the country in their 1972 Airstream. All products sold nationwide online and in CVS.

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A Mom Creates Product Focused on Healthy Boogers as a Way to Fight Germs 1