A Brighter Path

A Brighter Path 1


Dennis McIntyre accompanies readers to see a better path in his book “Freedom’s Journey”

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Some are traumatized by previous misdoings, and while some may believe that the past defines a person, what matters most is how that individual learns from the past to become a better version of oneself. Change allows people to move forward in life, making it tough but beautiful.

Jake Wilson’s journey from the first book, “Shackled Yet Free,” continues in “Freedom’s Journey.” Jake has just been awarded his two girls from a previous marriage and begins to live a better life. He moved on from his troubled past. With a new family and vocation, he is following God’s will. Jake crosses paths with someone from his past while on a new adventure and discovers untold blessings.

Dennis A. McIntyre is a devout Christian who currently resides in Dracula, Georgia, and is involved in his church. He was once an electrical engineer and a technical writer at the same time in his early years. McIntyre’s writings have aided many people all over the globe; he walks alongside them through stories, giving them hope that the path we are on will be better if we believe in God’s plan.

For those who want to be enlightened by the story of Dennis McIntyre, the book “Freedom’s Journey” is available on Amazon.

Know more about Dennis A. McIntyre by visiting his website at https://dennisamcintyre.com/

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